HacktoberFest 2020 Challenge

Welcome 😊

This page was set up as a simple front end challenge for HacktoberFest 2020 event. The goal is to create your personal profile card and style it any way you'd like to. Before you start, please have a look at a couple of participation rules I've set up. Not following the set rules might get your pull request rejected.

Will Be Accepted:

  • A line or two of introduction text about yourself and your hobbies.
  • Any personal links to your portfolios, projects or social media.
  • Any personally owned images or videos (only via embeds).

Won't Be Accepted:

  • Submitting offensive text, images, videos and links of any kind.
  • Use of copyrighted or promotional content not owned by yourself.
  • Use of auto play for any videos submitted.

You're ready to go. Happy Coding!

Contributor (Likii) profile image

Hi, I'm Matea!

I'm a self taught junior developer, previous master-of-the-webs and a new kitten feeder. Most people online know me as 'Likii'.

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Hi, I'm Denice!

I am teaching myself to code and im currently studying front end development with javascript. I love animals and have many including a cat, horse and some chickens.

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Neil's profile image

Neil Clayton

Web Developer

Turning Coffee into Code. Learning and teaching others the way of dev magic

Contributor (Kuroyza) profile image

Hi! I'm Kuroyza

Hamza El Aissaoui

My name is Hamza El Aissaoui, aka Kuroyza, I'm a self-taught developer from Morocco living in Turkey & I love anime.

Contributor (Lynch) profile image

Hola, I'm Tom!

Developer by day, rock climbing martial artist crime fighter by night!

Ok, so not much crime fighting...

Contributor (Rick) profile image

Rick Here!

Web Developer in Action

Full-Stack user

Cameron Stephen

Northampton, UK

Full Stack Web Developer

Federico GL

New York City, US

I'm a self-taught web dev currently learning ReactJS+Hooks. I'm looking for awesome projects to contribute!

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Web Developer


Hi I m Devarshi Doshi a Front End Web Developer I really enjoy programmming and always love to be learning something new. I spend much of my free time working on programming projects.



My Name is Raffly, i'm a Junior Front End Web Developer. I also interested with Back End

kkritii Pics

Kriti Prajapati

About Me

I am Kriti Prajapati from Nepal. I love coding. I am passionate web developer and an AI Enthusiast too.

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Miguel M-Maestro López

Junior Full Stack Developer, learning new things every day. Videogames, music and anime. 😊





Nǐn hǎo!



Guten tag!




Vitor smiling and giving a thumbs up

Hello! I'm
Vitor "Pliavi" Silvério

Freelancer developer and hobbyst game developer 😉

Trying many thing to find myself, in a cool and fun way! and collored hair enthusiast 😝

Jonathans image
Jonathan Cardoz

HTML CSS JavaScript

Jonathan is a skilled frontend developer who enjoys building large scale web applications.

Katrina Yates

Web developer

I am a self-taught web developer and designer. I enjoy creating new websites and problem solving. Being a Web Dev allows me to support my family doing something I love as well as gives us the flexibility to travel.

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Dibyendus image
Dibyendu Maji


Dibyendu is a full stack developer.